Thursday, 13 June 2013

CAS Card

Hi there

Today I will not mention the weather (biting my tongue) and just get on with the matter in hand.

I have to admit that I am having a wonderful time searching through all the amazing blogs here in Blogland.  Wow, there are some mega talented people out there!  I find it all a little daunting sometimes seeing the extraordinary skill level that people have and it can be a little off-putting too.  I know that I am highly unlikely to achieve such quality work but I am enjoying the journey (a famous phrase out there I think) so I will, in the Great British tradition, ‘Carry on Regardless’ (Ooh Missus).

So today I would like to show my first ever foray into the uncharted waters of CAS cards.  

I call it, ‘With Love’ (well it should have a CAS title too don’t you think?)

When I saw the acronym ‘CAS’ on some of the blogs I have to admit to not knowing what it meant.  A few visits later and the penny dropped.  So a Clean and Simple card it is then.  It is quite hard not to fill empty space.  You look at it and think, “Something should go in there, surely”, but sitting on your hands is the way forward with this type of card I believe so here is my effort.

I made this card for my brother and his wife’s wedding anniversary.  I knew what I wanted to do; a long branch spanning 3 panels sparsely decorated with tiny flowers.  So off to my stamp files I go only to discover that the branch I wanted to use is too ‘busy’ and not long enough.  Fudge!  So what to do?  Now I love Imagination Crafts stencils and I have to confess to owning quite a few (!) and as luck would have it the Butterfly Blossom stencil had exactly the branch design I was looking for.  So, using the stencil the old fashioned way, I drew through it and then coloured it in.  Colour is to my mind the most vital part of the design.  Get that wrong and it can completely ruin what you were trying to achieve. So I chose to use the softest aqua that I could find (one of my favourite colours) which seemed to add to the simplicity of the overall effect.

·       A5 card blank
·       Aqua linen effect shimmer card stock
·       Tonic flower punch
·       AB stones
·       ‘With Love’ stamp by Chloe
·       Papermania twine
·       Kanban small swirl accent stamp
·       A4 M-bossilities Dainty Dots folder. 
·       Imagination crafts stencil
·       Letraset Fine Line drawing pens

Smiling always (happy with this one)
Jane x

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