Monday, 4 August 2014

Creative Blog Hop!

So I was invited to join the Creative Blog Hop that has been circulating blogland of late. I was tagged by the wonderful Larelynmy design teammate  from Digital Delights in a post here.  Apparently I have to answer some question to give a little insight into my crafting way of life! (Oh ‘eck!!)

So here goes….

What am I working on now?
I really only do DT work now which I have to say I love!  Just crafting for the heck of it doesn’t seem to happen anymore. Not that I am complaining I am blessed to be part of 3 fab teams consisting of very talented and generous ladies! I absolutely love it and there’s nothing more motivational than a deadline!!!

What do I create?
Cards, cards and more cards!! J They do seem to be my main focus as you can create so many different scenarios with them.  I do love the quirky (anyone who ever visits me will know that) and I believe cards give me almost free range to create what I will! Run for the hills everyone!!! J

How does your creative process work?
K …. I’m a walking light bulb moment really. I suddenly become inspired and then that’s it.  It is almost ‘create this thing or die trying’! Of course the image is the thing. I rarely create without an image, nearly always character based, and as this is my focal point it has to inspire me or I find myself on the road to no-card!!

How do I get and stay inspired?
I craft. It’s as simple as that. I live and breathe it. (I even dream about it. How sad is that!! ) It’s the physical process of making something that spurs me on to make more.  I strive to get better. My colouring is a work in progress (!) and I am constantly trying to make my rather crazy designs become reality. My ideas often exceed my rather limited ability but that’s half the fun isn’t it.  Gotta love me I’m a trier!! JJJ

I am, however endlessly inspired by others, too many to mention here so I will namecheck just three….

Sue. Designer extraordinaire who manages to create ‘spot on’ creations EVERY SINGLE TIME! (Humph!)

Coops. Amazing, wonderful designs that always blow me away!

Sam. Colourist supreme, whose innovative and gorgeous projects always inspire!

There are just sooooo many more I could mention but there is not the space here. But I must, of course, give a high five to all my DT sisters who I am honoured to craft alongside!

So that’s me. Plain and simple (yeah I know)!
Thanks so much for wading through the waffle, and enjoy your day!
See ya!

Colourful hugs
Jane xx


  1. Yup, that's definitely you Jane however you did forget to say that you inspire others yourself with your always fabulous creations!! xx

  2. I just love the idea of this "hop" and getting the opportunity to know more about crafty friends and teammates. thanks so much for joining me in this journey.

  3. I have crafty dreams too. Mostly they consist of winning the lottery and marching into the LOTV shop stating "I'll have one of everything!" lol. Mostly I tend to be disappointed when I wake up and find I don't have the whole shop at my disposal after all...
    Great post Jane! x


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